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Sinareat runs a women’s co-operative from her home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Mostly women and family workers prefer to work in their own homes. This way, the family life is not disrupted by “going to work”. This is a huge benefit for women with babies, so they do not need to leave their home. Sinareat gives the families a sewing machine so they do not have to purchase themselves. Some of the workers do work together in Sinareat’s house and are free to come and go when they are able. Due to the vast amount of poverty of some of these families, there is no pressure for completion or deadlines, so the workers are able to complete the work when they can. A liveable and reliable income is especially important for women as it allows them to raise healthy babies and children and provide for their future.
Husband and Wife team whose aim is to empower their workers with disabilities as a result of Landmines, Polio sufferers, other disabled persons and the underprivileged. They operate their small NGO business from their home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They contribute to the social development of the employees by providing training creative and further employment opportunities. Nai and Sreynov base their business around family as many of their employees have family members working with them during the day.

Sreang and Sreynov

Madame Layheng and Soviriya

These beautiful sisters hand make childrens mobiles in animal shapes and cosmetic travel purses. The fabric used is usually wastage from the many garment factories that would be otherwise discarded into landfill, adding to the increasing garbage issue in Cambodia. Their expert sewing craftsmanship was self taught at a young age and they continue to grow their skill with creating new products each time we visit them. Their income they make helps to support their families for the future.